May is upon us, besides Spring flowers May also brings Statewide.  Statewide is in Claremont this year starting on May 31st.  Yael Steinfeld’s , one of our regular dancers, has an Israeli group in Claremont which  will be performing Friday night at Statewide.  However, the coop will be open and running at its usual time on Friday the 31st. Since the 31st  is a fifth Friday our Fifth Friday Band will also be playing.  

On the second Friday many of us gather at 6:30 to practice/refresh/learn  sets . If you would like to practice a variety of sets come join us.

On the fourth Friday at 7:00 we have a review of the Hambo, Walts and Polka which are part of so many folk dances that we do.

I’ll be the MC on the 31 at the Coop (of course I am always MC-Marshall Cates) , So, I will see you Saturday morning in Claremont.

For the month of May we are teaching the Romanian line dance Joc Batrauce din Niculitel (an ancient dance from Niculitel) and the stately Polish couple dance that went to France to Europe and then back to Poland, the Polonez Royale.


May 2019