I’ve heard women say they can judge how a guy will be in bed by how he dances. I hope that’s not true. Because I come from rednecks, and my people invented square dancing, which means we’re so bad at it we have to have someone tell us what to do while we’re doing it.
- Steve Neal

July is the month that we change officers for the Coop. Our new officers are:

President-Don Krotser
Vice President-Toti O’Brien
Treasure-Ann Armstrong
Secretary-Lorreta Slifkin
Federation Rep-Marshall Cates
Member at large (MC) Roxanna Martell
Member at large (Publicity)-Mari Werner
We are all set for the coming year.

Our VP is responsible for scheduling teaching, dances and teachers. She would like your input.  Here is a note from Toti :

Dear Folk Dancers
I would love to hear from you.
Would let me know of any dance that you'd like to see taught during the coming year? It could be a dance you have never learned, one that you have learned long ago, or one that was recently taught but you feel could use reviewing. It could be several dances, of course!
Please, feel free to email me with your suggestions/wishes—totihan30@yahoo.com—now or any time during the year.
Also, feel free to let me know if you would be interested in teaching a dance, or more.
Looking forward to wonderful, wonderful dancing together :)
 For July we have Semmame , which was taught at statewide, ready to present. It is a Turkish dance with a strong rhythm, but not too hard to learn, if we can just figure out when to start.

Do not choose your wife at a dance, but in the field among the harvesters.
- Czech p

June/July 2019