We Work Together/Signups

  We Work Together/Signups

The Pasadena Folk Dance Co-op is a non-profit cooperative group where we share the work and fun involved in folk dancing. Our current Board of Directors is:

Roxanna Martell, President
Leslie Halberg & Richard Mazon Vice President in charge of teaching.
Loretta Slifkin, Secretary
Don Krotser, Treasurer
Lynn Bingle, Representative of the Folk Dance Federation

We have two members at large.
Marshall Cates coordinates publicity.
Les Slifkin coordinates masters of ceremony

There are a number of tasks that we share on a rotating basis. These include:
Providing Refreshments

Refreshments do not have to be as spectacular as those pictured above.

If you would like to provide refreshments please sign up on the clipboard located on the refreshment table.

Usually two people sign up for each date in order to halve the cost and effort of bringing food. They usually communicate with one another by phone in order to coordinate who brings what.  There are no hard rules, but we usually have: chips, some vegies, dip, fruit, and something sweet (usually one item is chocolate). Some people provide more elaborate fare than do others, so it's different each week. The last week of the month is always potluck. Our Refreshment Coordinators are Ellen Stern and Cheryl Cates.

Refreshment Checklist

Here is what is involved:
Get the boxes out of the cupboard.
Set up the table with a table cloth.
Put water and ice in the big stainless steel bowl.
Refill the ice containers.
Set up refreshments by 8:30.
Clean up refreshments. If you used any of the dishes belonging to the Throop Church, wash them and put them away. (Clean up can be done as early as 10:00, but water should be left out until 10:15)

Get out a new liner for the trash can.
Put boxes away.
Put table away.

Put the new liner in the trash can.
Take out the garbage on your way out.

Serving as MC (Master of Ceremonies)

Les Slifkin is our MC Coordinator. He also trains people to be MCs. Before you sign up to be an MC for the first time, you should contact him. It is also very important that you read carefully the MC checklist shown below.

If you have forgotten which week you signed up for, check the dates on our Dances/This Month page. Contact Les at aircoupe66@hotmail.com if you have to cancel.

Pasadena Folk Dance Co-op MC Checklist

The Week Before: Obtain the key for the sound cabinet and storage cabinet from the previous Friday’s MC
The Night Of: Remember to hand over the key to the next MC.

 Arrive at the Church by 7:15 PM


Turn On Lights –
Open Locks on sound cabinet
Set up Sound System, Speakers, Laptop, Mouse
Find the Printed Program of Dances for the correct date  (Found in clip inside the sound cabinet door -- Unless it is an all request night)
Save the play list (See Note 1)   Resave the play list frequently after making new entries (See Note 2)
Enter the dances and “request” place holders into the play list (See Note 3)
Setup the Dance Board and Dance Card Case, and set out the Lists of Dances
Post Dance Cards and Request place holder cards for the evening’s program on the Dance Board
Set out signs at parking lot entrance and on gate. Turn on the light by the gate
Set up table with: Donations Basket, Sign in Book, Signup Sheets, Fliers, Barber Poll Box, etc.

During Teaching (on teaching nights):

Stay Posted at the laptop to start (See Note 4), stop, and restart songs for the teachers.
Remember to always stop songs with the ÿ (square) stop icon.
Keep track of the Carry Forwards that didn’t get played and add them to the program.


Attendees will submit requests through the evening by laying out dance cards next to the card case.
Select the requests (See Note 5) that you will play and place them in the program.
Add requested dances where there are “Request” place holders in the play list on the laptop
Add the cards for the requested dances to the corresponding places on the dance board
After the Break for Refreshments and Announcements:
Start the dance program at your discretion. Allowing the play list to play on automatically as much as possible will make for a smoother evening.
Announce the dances. Update the next dance on the Dance Board. Put away completed dance cards.
Halt music as needed to gather couples/sets/triples or to allow a run-through of the dance.
Make note on the Printed Program of any dances that no one danced.


Fifteen minutes before the program ends (usual ending time is 10:30 PM),

Take everything down and put it away in reverse order of the “setup."

(NOTE: Do unplug and wrap up the mouse.

DON'T unplug anything else from the laptop!)

See that the building is locked up (Richard usually does this)


Right Click on the top margin of the Windows Media Player window
Select “File”
Select “Save As”
Name the play list: month-day-year (Example: 7-3-15 )
Click on “Save”
Right Click on the top margin of the Windows Media Player window
Select “File”
Select “Save”

Drag-and-Drop Dances (or Request place holders) from the Dance Folder onto the Windows Media Player play list panel to add dances to the play list. You can do this while another dance is playing if you take special care:
-       Use the USB mouse NOT THE TOUCHPAD

-       Make sure that the mouse has enough open real estate to move without running into the laptop or running off the table.

-       Be clear on where you are dragging from and where you are dropping to.

-       Grasp the mouse and press the left mouse button firmly and don’t release it until you’ve reached your target

Re-order play list entries by dragging and dropping.
Remove an entry from the Windows Media Player play list by right clicking on the entry and selecting “Remove from Play List”.
Select the song by clicking on it in the play list. The song that will be played will appear in the left panel of the Media Player window. Click on the (Triangle) icon to start the song. Stop songs with the (square) stop icon

 Do your best to see that everyone can participate and have a good time:

(The printed program is not sacred. You can adjust it to meet the needs of the group.)

 Try to serve everyone and not to allow any one person to monopolize the dance requests.
Mix it up:
-       Insert easy dances that anyone can do among more difficult dances so that everyone can participate throughout the evening.

-       Insert more difficult dances among the easy dances so that longer term members can enjoy themselves

-       Follow fast dances with slow dances so that people can catch their breath.

-       Follow slow dances with fast dances so that people can get their pulse going again.

-       Avoid following set dances with set dances

-       Avoid playing too many dances of any one type or ethnicity in a row.

 Reach out to new people who have previous folk dance experience or who have particular ethnic backgrounds and see if you can add a dance early in the program that might interest them.