Feb. 11 is the Cerritos Chinese New Year Festival. 1:00 to 5:45 p.m.

Teachers: Tineke and Maurits van Geel.

At Cerritos Senior Center, 12340 South St., Cerritos.

March 2-4 is the Laguna International Dancers' Festival.

Valerie Daley holds a monthly dance project at the YMCA in Ventura on the first Sunday afternoon each month.  This monthly gathering includes dances from Stockton, other camps, and festivals. Her next gathering will be April 1 (no foolin - no March meeting because of Laguna). She will skip March to avoid a conflict with the Laguna Festival.  If you have dances you'd like to request, send them to dancing.valerie@gmail.com, and/or bring the music.


                                    Recent Events

The Pasadena Folk Dance Co-op had a New Year's Eve party and also recently hosted our Winter Festival.

To see  pictures from this event go to our Photo Albums Page.

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