We are devoting the entire month of June at the Pasadena Folk Dance Co-op to a special theme: A Month of Wonderful Dances from Around the World. (You will recognize this as a slight modification of the last time we tried a theme: A Month of Lousy Dances from Around the World.) If June’s theme turns out to be as wildly successful as expected, in July the theme will be A Month of Wonderful Dances from Around the Galaxy. (And just wait for the August theme!)

Teaching begins at 7:30 on the first four Fridays with the lively Hungarian dance Olahos. This fun individual dance will allow you to express your inner
Olahos. At 8:00, we will enjoy the Bulgarian line dance Raina Samodiva. The irresistible music and neat patterns are sure to remind you of this month’s theme.

After our refreshment break at 8:30, we will repeat the dances that were taught as well as the two dances taught in May, because repetition is so valuable for learning dances (repetition is also valuable for remembering this month’s theme). For the rest of the program through 10:30 each week, visit This Month.

Refreshments will be
potluck on June 22 and June 29.

As always on the fifth Friday of the month,
June 29 will be an all-request party (with no teaching), starting at 7:30. Following our theme this month, we will only accept requests for wonderful dances from around the world. The dances available for request are listed on our Dance List/Videos page, many with a link to a video that may serve as a reminder of how a dance is done by people who like to make and upload videos. In addition, the Fifth Friday Band, now advancing to be the Second Friday of Summer Band, will play a dozen or so wonderful dances from around the world.

On the second Friday of each month, we
review set dances at 6:45. This review is intended for people who already have experience with set dances and would like to improve. If that’s you, come early on June 8.

I look forward to doing — you guessed it — wonderful dances from around the world with you this month at the Pasadena Folk Dance Co-op.


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