We have a marvelous month of dancing set for July, more than a decade in the planning. We are going to dance on July 7, 14, 21, and 28! We haven’t done that in 11 years, and we won’t do it again for at least another six years, so be sure to join us for a very special month.

Introductory teaching starts each week at 7:30. This month we will learn some of the
patterns used in set and contra dances, dances in which multiple couples work together to achieve a common goal: having fun dancing!

After introductory teaching concludes about 7:50, we will repeat the two dances from June’s introductory teaching, because repetition is to helpful for learning dances (being present is helpful too, so please come!).

Intermediate teaching will start at 8:00. We will use some of what we learned in introductory teaching to learn the delightful and intricate patterns of the four-couple Scottish set dance
Culla Bay, in which all eight dancers are in motion simultaneously.

We will break for refreshments at 8:30 and then repeat Culla Bay and continue with many more dances. Throughout each evening, there will be dances that newcomers and experienced dancers alike will enjoy. For the complete program through 10:30, visit This Month.

We will not have our And Now for Something Completely Different segment this month. Remember, when you submit your ideas for special activities we do most months, you do not have to implement them. You can propose that someone else do so. In any case, we request that you limit your proposals to something that pertains to folk dancing, can be completed in 15 minutes, will not need any more radiation shielding than most dancers normally bring, will not conflict with section 13.04.190 of the Pasadena Municipal Code on "apparatus causing a distortion of the wave form of the voltage or current,” and can be enjoyed even by participants who don’t follow you on Twitter.

As always on the fourth Friday of the month, refreshments will be
potluck on July 28. We would appreciate it if you contributed something, but it is not required.

On the second Friday of the month, we
review set dances at 6:45. The review is intended for people who already have experience with set dances and would like to improve. If that’s you, come early on July 14.

I look forward to dancing with you this month. Don’t wait until until the subsequent July 7 (or 14, 21, or 28) to enjoy dancing at the Pasadena Folk Dance Co-op!


Marc's Monthly Message