After a frighteningly good month of dancing at the Pasadena Folk Dance Co-op in October, you might be scared that November can’t be as good. But you can be thankful that we have plenty of fun planned for this month.

Teaching starts each Friday at 7:30 and will include two popular Israeli line dances this month. We will learn the lively
Shoofni in session 1 and the graceful Irisim in session 2.

After our refreshment break at 8:30, we will repeat both dances as well as the dance taught in October, because repetition is so helpful in learning dances. (Despite my repeated claim about this, our cats Quark and Lepton apparently have not found repetition to be helpful in learning any of the dances from October or November.) For the complete program through 10:30, visit This Month or, better yet, visit the group any Friday evening.

Nov. 17, for our And Now for Something Completely Different segment, Roxanna Martell and Therese Mahoney invite everyone who has an “unusual or cool” folk instrument to bring it for a show and tell (you don’t even have to know how to play it). (I might bring a nyckelharpa and a few kinneras, but you won’t know for sure until you are there on Nov. 17.) Remember, when you submit ideas for special activities we do some months, we request that you limit your proposals to something that pertains to folk dancing, can be completed in 15 minutes, can work even when we switch back to standard time, will not compromise our group’s strong reputation for welcoming extraterrestrial dancers, and can be enjoyed even by people who didn’t go door to door for treats at Halloween. (On a personal note, I’d also be grateful if it were something that Quark and Lepton could enjoy too, but that’s not a strict requirement.)

As always on the last Friday of the month, refreshments will be
potluck on Nov. 24. That should be a particularly convenient day for you to contribute. After all, your Uncle Fester probably won’t eat everything on his plate at Thanksgiving, so bring the leftovers to share with your friends at dancing the next day.

On the second Friday of the month, we
review set dances at 6:45. The review is intended for people who already have experience with set dances and would like to improve. If that’s you, then come early on Nov. 10.

I will be very thankful for the opportunity to dance with you this month!


P.S. Be sure to put these events on your calendar (details of both will be on our Events page later this year):

Dec. 31: Join us at our usual location (Throop Church in Pasadena) at 8:00 for a delightful way to end one year and start the next. (If you can’t make it, mark your calendar now for our New Year’s Eve party on Dec. 31, 2018.)

Jan. 14: Regardless of the weather, we are going to have a really cool Winter Festival from 1:30 to 5:30 at the Scottish Rite Center in Pasadena.

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