Although March is shortened by an hour for daylight saving time, the Pasadena Folk Dance Co-op will have five full evenings of delightful dancing.

We will teach the same dances for the first four Fridays of the month, providing plenty of opportunities to learn them. Introductory teaching starts at 7:30 with the slow, beautiful Romanian line dance
Hora Miresii. Then we will learn the delightful introductory Bulgarian line dance Arap, not to be confused with the delightful intermediate Bulgarian line dance Elerinka.

After introductory teaching concludes about 7:50, we will repeat the two dances from February’s introductory teaching, because repetition is so valuable for learning dances. (Strawberries Arnaud are valuable too, and note that we have two potlucks this month. Keep your fingers crossed that someone will take the hint and bring some!)

Intermediate teaching begins at 8:00. We will learn the delightful intermediate Bulgarian line dance
Elerinka, not to be confused with the delightful introductory Bulgarian line dance Arap.

We will break for refreshments at 8:30 and then repeat all the dances taught. Throughout each evening, there will be dances that newcomers and experienced dancers alike will enjoy. For the complete program through 10:30, visit the This Month page of our website.

We will not have our
And Now for Something Completely Different segment this month. Remember, when you submit your ideas for special activities, we request that you limit your proposals to something that pertains to folk dancing, can be completed in 15 minutes (or even in an instant, like our most recent one), will not deplete the group’s supply of Strawberries Arnaud, is possible to do in a four-dimensional spacetime continuum, and complies with California Civil Code section 3342 covering injuries caused by dog bites.

We will have
potluck refreshments on March 24 and again on March 31, so we can look forward to plenty of luck (if not plenty of pot) this month.

As always on the fifth Friday of the month,
March 31 will be an all-request party (with no teaching) starting at 7:30. We are counting on your requests to make the perfect program. (All the dances available for request are listed on our Dance List/Videos page, many with links to videos that may serve as a reminder of how a dance is done by people who like to make and upload videos.) In addition, we are lucky to have the Fifth Friday Band play a dozen or so of our favorite dances.

On the second Friday of each month, we
review set dances at 6:45. This review is intended for people who already have experience with set dances and would like to improve. If that’s you, come early on March 10. If that’s not you but is someone you know, get them to come early that evening.

I hope you will join the fun this month at our group in Pasadena.



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