The Pasadena Folk Dance Co-op is so committed to enjoyable dancing in June that we are going to dance from 7:30 to 10:30 every day that’s a Friday, even on Fridays that fall on other days of the week. If that makes sense to you (or even if it doesn’t), join us for five evenings of dance this month.

Introductory teaching starts at 7:30 on the first four days that are Fridays. We will begin with the smooth, gentle steps of the Macedonian line dance
Tino Mori. We will also learn one of the most social of circle dances, Lo Ahavti Dai, from Israel.

After introductory teaching concludes about 7:50, we will repeat the two dances from May’s introductory teaching, because repetition is so helpful for learning dances. (Mitochondria are helpful too, and we recommend you bring at least a few quadrillion of your own.)

Intermediate teaching will start at 8:00. You won’t be able to resist the alluring music of the individual Romanian dance
Dana. And there’s no reason to resist! Dancers of all levels will have a terrific time as the bounce, shake, snap, crackle, and pop.

We will break for refreshments at 8:30 and then repeat all the dances that were taught this month. Throughout each evening, there will be dances that newcomers and experienced dancers alike will enjoy. For the complete program through 10:30, visit This Month.

As always on the fifth Friday of the month,
June 30 will be an all-request party (with no teaching) starting at 7:30. We are counting on your requests to make the perfect program. (All the dances available for request are listed on our Dance List/Videos page, most of which are linked to a video that may serve as a reminder of how the dance is done by people who like to make and upload videos, regardless of their dance skills). June 30 also will be potluck. If you’re like me, you’ve probably been wondering how and when to finally get rid of all that Halloween candy you’ve been hoarding. This will be a great opportunity!

On the second Friday of the month, we
review set dances at 6:45. This review is intended for people who already have experience with set dances and would like to improve. If that’s you, come early on June 9.

Don’t forget to pay your (optional)
annual $10 membership dues this month. You’ll save $1 each Friday you dance with us during the year that starts July 1. So even if you dance with us only 10 times, you’ll break even. If you dance 11 times, you will come out ahead (both in money and in fun). Essentially you will make $1 each time, so if you dance with us thousand of times in the next year, you will make thousands of dollars!

I look forward to dancing with you any day this month that happens to be a Friday!



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