The Pasadena Folk Dance Co-op has a wonderful month planned. We always do, but you might not fully appreciate that. So, as an inducement to learn the details of the wonderful month of February, read this message carefully and you will find out whether you win a slightly used
iPad loaded with more than 3,600 recordings of folk dances. But don’t skip to the postscript to see if you’re the winner. Read the entire message.

Teaching starts each Friday at 7:30. We will learn the old favorite
Bacvanka, a Bulgarian line dance in which you will do a fun mix of light, gentle steps and heavy, lively steps. In the second session, at 8:00, we will learn the English country dance Eastbourne Rover. This popular dance is a terrific introduction to set dances, and after you have mastered it, you may wish to try the more advanced Mars Rover. However, you will not learn from the teaching, nor in the paragraph about it, whether you win an iPad.

After our refreshment break at 8:30, we will repeat the dances that were taught as well as the two dances taught in January, because repetition is so valuable for learning dances. (Serbian pule cheese, made from the milk of Balkan donkeys, is valuable too, and note that Feb. 26 is potluck. We might get lucky! Keep reading to find out whether you are lucky enough to win an
iPad.) For the rest of the program each Friday through 10:30, visit This Month.

Feb. 2, we will have our And Now for Something Completely Different segment. Working with ideas suggested by Jan Rayman, Betchen Barber choreographed a cute Groundhog Day square dance. Remember, when you submit your ideas for special activities we do some months, we request you limit your proposals to something that pertains to folk dancing, can be completed in 15 minutes, will not reveal who wins an iPad (although it’s fine to mention that you can click on iPad to find out whether you win), can be enjoyed even by people whose ratio of height to arm span is not the golden ratio, and will not cause harm or stress to a Marmota monax.

As always on the fourth Friday of the month, refreshments will be
potluck on Feb. 23, and we will appreciate your contributing something — preferably something to eat, not something like a slightly used iPad loaded with more than 3,600 recordings of folk dances. In fact, if you are struggling to decide what to bring, you might consider pule cheese.

On the second Friday of each month, we
review set dances at 6:45. The review is unrelated to the iPad; rather, it is intended for people who already have experience with set dances and would like to improve. If that’s you, come early on Feb. 9.

I hope that once you realize what a wonderful month of dancing and socializing is in store, you will join in the fun!


P.S. I suggested you not look here for the answer. Read the entire message to see whether you win an

Marc's Monthly Message