December 2018/January 2019


For one day only, you too can celebrate the ENDING of 2018 and the BEGINNING of 2019 at a convenient location near you. For a low low price of not $100, not $50, Not even $20. No, for the low low price of ONLY $10 you can dance the night fantastic to sounds from around the world. Meet with friends old and new, close and far, at the Altadena Community Church at 943 Altadena Drive., from 7:30 to 10:30.  YES I SAID 10:30.  We are celebrating a CHICAGO New Year. It will be 10:00 here when it is 12:00 in Chicago.

In January, we will return to the Altadena Community Church permanently. 7:30 to 10:30. We will be reviewing dances for our Winter Festival. On January 4th we will review Dobrudzanska Reke, Banjsko,  and Sev Acherov Aghcheek, On the 11th; Ec Ec , Raina Samodiva, Rachamim. On the 18th: Ne Klepeci, Kujavwiak Niebieski, and (again) Raina Samodiva. nce again, we cannot seem to settle down.  The new digs in Sierra Madre has a wonderful bouncy floor, but the acoustics are leaving us with a bouncy head. We have decided to return to our temporary lodging and make it a permanent site. So--- starting in January we will return to the Altadena Community Church just off Lake (to the east) on Altadena Drive. (943 Altadena Drive.)

The end of December will celebrate the beginning of 2019 with an early New Year’s Eve Party, from 7:30 to 10:30. It will be midnight in Chicago, so we’ll call it a Chicago New Years.  This party will also be at the Altadena Community Church so come sample our new location. Parking in the back, driveway to the East.