August is upon us so it’s time for me to get the message out. But before I give you this month’s exciting events, a word from our sponsor (well not really it is just me).  We have a new webmaster and she is anxious to get the word out that we have a wonderful functioning website that offers many insightful suggestions and information. It is at

(Notice how the address reminds you of our name)

In any case, to encourage you to explore this web domain, here is a web search. The first person to get the 13 questions correct AND figure out the message will be made a big fuss over at the co-op and will be able to pick out TWO of their favorite dances to do.

  1. It’s not just a place to dance it is a _______________
  2. Where is the home photo from?
  3. On May Day 2015 what dance are Marc & Jan doing in photos 10 & 11?
  4. On May Day 2015 what is the 3rd dance shown?
  5. Are we a 501 c 3 organization?
  6. What gas station is next to where we dance?
  7. What does “C” stand for in our list of dances?
  8. New to folk dancing-what is her first name?
  9. Who tips new dancers?
  10. Does Dreistryrer have a video on our site?
  11. Who is being the MC?
  12. How many associated groups do we mention?
  13. Who is the tail of the dragon?

The 3rd letter of #1, The 3rd letter of #3, the second letter of # 5, the 3rd letter of 6, the 1st letter of 7, the 3rd letter of #8, the 2nd letter of 13  unscrambled is my message to you.

In August we’ll be reviewing Ec Ec an Albanian line dance and Black Nag an English set dance whose patterns are reminiscent of Picking up Sticks. Intermediate teaching is Mahala-Mori Shej a Roma dance from Hungary.

Remember at 7:30 we start with a few easy warm up dances, move on to intro teaching followed by intermediate teaching, then refreshments, then DANCING. We dance Every Friday 7:30-10:30 at the Altadena Community Church at 943 Altadena Dr. in Altadena.

Message from Vice President, Toti O’Brien:

Dear Folk Dancers

I would love to hear from you.

Would you let me know of any dance that you’d like to see taught during the coming year? It could be a dance you have never learned, one that you have learned long ago, or one that was recently taught but you feel could use reviewing. It could be several dances, of course!
Please, feel free to email me with your suggestions/wishes——now or any time during the year.
Also, feel free to let me know if you would be interested in teaching a dance, or more.
Looking forward to wonderful, wonderful dancing together 🙂