Photo Albums

Below are some photos from our NYE party! Pictures take a while to load. (Click on the photo for a larger image.) Contact if you want a picture. Specify Image number.

The pictures Wen Chiang took of the Winter Festival can be seen by clicking here.  Click at the 3-dot (vertical) icon near the upper right corner and you'll see a few options. It is optional to click at "Download all" to download all photos/videos in the album at once. The size of the files downloaded this way is typically about 30% of the original size. If you like to have the ones with the original size, download them one by one as described in the following paragraph.
To download an individual photo, click on the object in the album and the object will appear individually in a window. Click on the 3-dot (vertical) icon at the upper-right corner and then click on "Download" to download a photo with the original size/resolution. Sorry, it seems that there is no way to download an individual video. If a video file is less than 25 MB (about one minute duration), I can send it to you through an email.
Wen's album will be deleted after January 31, 2017.

Photos & Videos

Below are some pictures from our 2017 Winter Festival. Pictures take a while to load. Click on the photo for a larger image. If you want a picture, contact Specify image number.