Upcoming Events

November 1, Halloween/Day of the Dead Party

Fall Folk Dance Camp
November 15-17, 2019

Marc and Jan Rayman and other members the Federation Committee have been working for over a year to organize a weekend dance camp. We had to change the location when Camp Hess Kramer was damaged by fire last November. This new camp, called Fall Camp, will have something for everyone. Master teachers Erica Goldman (Israeli) and Caspar Bik (International) will teach and Marc will present some dances we learned at Stockton. There will also be an opportunity for musicians to play in a “potluck band” organized by Terry Gucwa (from Laguna), a poetry workshop led by former Pasadena Coop dancer Camille Dull, and some crafts and a puzzle for people to do when feet get tired. Members of the Pasadena Co-op assisting with Fall Camp are Leslie Halberg, Therese Mahoney, and Steve Waller. Fall Camp will take place November 15-17 near Simi Valley at Brandeis-Bardin Campus of the American Jewish University. Click on this link to visit their website: https://fallcamp.org

November 8, 2019, Master Teacher, Elena Macovei

On November 8,  we’re pleased to be joined by master teacher, Elena Macovei. Elena will be teaching from 7:30 till 9:00, after which we’ll have all-request dancing till 10:30.

Friday, November 8, 2019
7:30 till 10:30 PM
Altadena Community Church
943 E Altadena Drive, Altadena
Admission that evening is $10 rather than the usual $5 for members and $6 for nonmembers

New Year’s Eve