Friday Night Dancing

Dates: Every Friday
Time: 7:30 PM till 9:30 PM
Place: Altadena Community Church, 943 Altadena Drive, Altadena, CA  91001
Admission: $6 (members $5) Additional donations welcomed

*Proof of Covid vaccination required* See bottom of page for current Covid protocols for all Co-op dancing.

We have a teaching session early in the evening where we teach one or several dances that are beginner or intermediate level. We teach the same dances all month, and then keep them on the play list throughout the next month, so you get lots of practice. The remainder of the evening is programmed dances and requests from our large collection of recorded ethnic dance music from countries around the world. Go to our This Month page to see to see what dances will be taught and played in the current month.

If you’re new to folk dancing, we offer beginner orientation sessions, scheduled according to interest and availability. When we have them, it’s a half-hour session starting at 7:00 before our regular dancing begins. We cover types of folk dances, hand holds, some basic folk dance patterns, and two or three of the simplest dances. To find out about future sessions, use the Contact page. If you’ve attended before, it’s fine to schedule again for a refresher. These are free with your $6 admission to the regular dance gathering.

New Year’s Eve Dance Party

See Covid protocols at bottom of page.

Winter Festival

See dance list and Covid protocols below.

Dance List for Winter Festival

Types of dances C: Couple, L: Line, M: Mixer, S: Set

  • C            Alexandrovska                Russia
  • L             Alunelul              Romania
  • M           Arnold’s Circle              England
  • L             Ashrei Ha’Ish              Israel
  • L             Banjsko              Macedonia
  • L             Belasicko Oro              Macedonia
  • L             Bugeacul ca pa Teleorman              Romania
  • C            Chilili              Bolivia
  • M           Das Fenster               Germany
  • S            D’hammerschmiedsg’selln              Germany
  • C            Dodi Li               Israel
  • C            Drapers Gardens              England
  • S            Eastbourne Rover               England
  • L             Elerinka              Bulgaria
  • L             Erev Ba              Israel
  • L             Eshebo              Israel
  • L             Fado              Portugal
  • L             Guhneega              Armenia
  • L             Horehronsky Czardas              Slovakia
  • L             Idam Ne Idam               Macedonia/Bulgaria
  • L             Imate Li Vino               Macedonia
  • L             Jacob’s Ladder              Israel
  • L             Jiana Lui Ana              Romania
  • L             Joshua              Israel
  • L             Karamfil              Bulgaria
  • M           Korobushka              Russia
  • I             Kujawiak Niebieski               Poland
  • M           La Bastringue              Quebec
  • C            Lambeth Walk              England
  • L             Lech Lamidbar              Israel
  • L             Lo Ahavti Dai               Israel
  • L             Lugovon’ka              Russia
  • L             Mahala-Mori Shej              Hungary/Rom
  • C            Milondita Tango               USA
  • L             Misirlou              Greece
  • L             Na’tane to 1821              Greece
  • L             Ne Klepeci               Bosnia
  • L             Orijent              Serbia
  • I             Pata Pata              South Africa
  • C            Polonez Royale              Poland
  • L             Raina Samodiva              Bulgaria
  • L             Rumelaj              Gypsy/Macedonia
  • L             Rustemul               Romania
  • C            Salty Dog Rag              USA
  • L             Sev Acherov Aghcheek              Armenia
  • L             Shantel               Romania
  • L             Shir Mizmor              Israel
  • L             Shoofni               Israel
  • L             Somogyi Karikazo              Hungary
  • L             Sonata              Albania
  • S            St. John River              Scotland
  • L             Svetinja               Serbia
  • L             Sweet Girl                 Armenia
  • L             Syrto              Greece
  • M           ‘t Smidje Belgium Mixer              Europe
  • L             Tino Mori              Macedonia
  • I             Tokyo Dontaku               Japan
  • L             Trugnala Rumjana               Bulgaria
  • M           Ve David               Israel
  • L             Vlasko               Bulgaria
  • L             Ya da kalinushku lomala              Russia

Current Covid-19 Protocols for Co-op Dancing:

  • You must show proof of being fully vaccinated against Covid-19–your vaccination record, or a readable image or copy. (If you already showed proof at an earlier dance, you won’t need to show it again.)
  • Do not attend if you are sick
  • Face mask are strongly recommended but not currently required
  • Please bring your own water to drink.