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  1. Wow Mari. It’s way more elaborate than what I envisioned. I hope people get into it so we can stay connected. Thanks so much

  2. Thank you for taking on this Herculean task, Mari. I can’t imaging how many hours it’s costing you, but it’s a wonderful service to the group.

    Stay well,


  3. Just changed the topic name for “Coping Tips” formerly called “How to Not go Insane.” It occurred to me no one would have the nerve to offer advice on not going insane.

  4. Thanks all for the comments. I spent a few hours, but nothing Hurculean–WordPress makes it pretty easy once you decide what you want and figure out how to tell it. And like you, Ellen, it’s not as if I don’t have time.

  5. Comment moderation is not working right. After your first comment is displayed, you shouldn’t have to wait for subsequent comments to be approved. Working on debugging.

  6. Hmm…is it possible to suppress the posting time? I’m embarrassed to reveal my insomnia;-) Oh well, looking closer I see I am not alone.
    But seriously: you’ve done a v. nice thing here…Thanks,; we appreciate it.

  7. Thanks again Mari. Stellar work.
    Is it fixed by you or is the reason that I checked the save my name etc. Box at the bottom?

  8. Pat, I’m not sure–I did change some settings, but I’m still investigating. Glad you can post without waiting anyway.

    Rick, your comment about the time stamp called to my attention that it’s set for some other time zone. Something else to fix. But your secret is safe for now–all the time stamps are wrong. About the insomnia–yeah, me too. I was thinking this morning about how all the weekday markers have been swept away. Today is Saturday, but it’s lost its day-after-dancing marker. Maybe kind of happens with the times of day too.

  9. Time stamp is now fixed. I had to fix it for existing comments too, so the comments would stay in order. (Sorry Rick, but then again why should anyone begrudge you keeping whatever hours you happen to feel like.)

  10. Comment moderation should now be fixed. We’re letting Akismet take care of spam protection, and I’ll be monitoring as well, so if anything unwelcome goes up, it won’t stay long. All your comments should now post immediately, even if it’s your first post.

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