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  1. Does anyone need vitamin C crystals? I had to do some searching (a couple weeks ago) to find a supplier, and when I found one I ordered a large size. Now I have more than I need.

  2. Tokimekino Rumba, or Tokimeki no Rumba, was a popular song published on August 19, 2009. It earned two grand prizes at that time. The dance is an amusing party dance. It is also one of the Obon dances. The dance structure does not match that of the music. Iwao Tamaoki presented this dance at Stockton Folk Dance Camp 2012. I learned the dance from him in the Camp.


  3. Dear Fellow Dancers

    I thought that I’d share a bit of my present dancing routine, in case it could be used as a (very small) resource, or just because! 🙂 After moths of health problems that made it impossible, and logistic problems that also didn’t help (I couldn’t manage to clear even a square foot of my house or garden), in early July I have made my way back to dance and started a daily routine that makes me extremely happy. Since I have little time, I have focused on a few dances which were recent and I was afraid would disappear from mind very rapidly. So I have worked on those, and on others, depending on mood, preference and a variety of reasons. Because I function this way, I have researched videos and sillabi, which came with the happy discovery this quarantine has been used, indeed, by groups and individuals to record many more dances!! I was able to find videos for dances that previously had none, or better videos (for instance, by the choreographer!) for some tricky dances. So, that was positive.
    I have so much joy doing this, I have recently thought I’ll post the dances I have in my personal program, so you will know which they are (I plan on create alternate programs, so that I can rotate many more) and if by any chance you want to refresh/discuss a particular step with me you can do so. I believe I’ll be able to record short videos if useful, or we can just talk things through. I would also be very happy to learn about the dances you are practicing on your own (I know many of us do), to get inspired, and to be able to ask you details or steps I want to recall or clean up. Or to ask you which particular video you have found useful. And so forth. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    So, here is the list of the dances I am practicing now.
    Raina Samodiva
    Mahala-Mori Shej
    Unagappa Ondo
    Ashrei Haish
    Balada hama’ayan
    Hawaiian Love Song

    to be continued 🙂 🙂 🙂


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