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  1. If you have alcohol, but don’t have hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes here’s a way to make your own wipes:
    – Take a worn out garment, and cut it into wipe-sized pieces.
    – Stack/stuff them into a small sealable container–I used a vitamin bottle.
    – Pour in enough alcohol to saturate and cover tightly.

  2. Thanks Mari – something to do with old material. I have a lot from the rag rug project I was working on. A project I guess I don’t like, because I’m not working on it now when I have nothing but time.

  3. I have started a free online Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation course. I’ve been meditating for 10 years, so wasn’t sure if I’d like doing an Intro course, but I went to the first session today and loved it. Here’s the info if interested (and a recording of today’s session will be posted):

    Live, Online Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation with Gil Fronsdal
    A nine-day course over two weeks.
    Weekdays, Monday, March 30 to Thursday, April 9, 9:30 to 10:30

    Offered live on IMC’s website (via YouTube). Click here at the designated time

    This is IMC’s basic instructions in Insight Meditation taught sequentially, starting with mindfulness of breathing, followed by mindfulness of the body, emotions, and thinking, then application of mindfulness in daily life. Mindfulness a foundation stone for the practice taught at IMC. This is a live stream course on IMC’s YouTube channel “insightmed” accessed through IMC’s website here

  4. Dancing with Youtube:
    Maybe everyone knows this, but maybe not.

    There are lots and lots of folk dance videos available on Youtube, and you can set up a list of your favorites to dance along with. If you set up a Youtube account (it’s free, just enter an email addr and password) and you’re logged in, you’ll see this little hamburger icon below the title of whatever video is up–the icon looks like 3 lines and a plus sign.
    –Click that icon and select Watch Later.
    –Find another dance and do the same.
    –When you’ve searched out and added all the dances you want, click the hamburger icon (three lines) in the upper left corner of the Youtube screen and select Watch Later.
    –In the list screen you can drag the dances around to the order you want. Then click Play All.

  5. Hi gang. Long time no lookie at the web site. Thanks for making this possible Mari. The alcohol idea is a great one. I put some in a small spray jar I had and added water to keep in the car to keep cleaning as I need. Taking Rocky for lots of walks and sewing a quilt at the moment. Miss everyone & hope you are all well. Love , Sylvia & Rocky

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