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  1. It’s Thursday night and I’m waiting for a delivery from Farm fresh to you. As is often happening it was supposed to be delivered yesterday the email said it would come today it’s 942 and we have no box of vegetables. But I can’t be angry because I’m still hopeful I’m gonna get some fresh vegetables

  2. And let me add I can’t be angry because I know how hard all the people that are trying to get food to us are working

  3. I’ve been able to get out for walks (six feet apart) with local friends, which helps a lot. This week I picked up groceries for myself and a couple of older neighbors (I’m pretty healthy so I’ve declared myself 64 even though I’m a little past that.) It felt good to be able to get out and do something that involved motion and interaction. I never would have thought buying groceries could be a highlight of my week.

  4. Ted is nothing if not thorough. He’s has been doing the shopping recently all masked and gloved up. (Never one to shrink from a challenge). When he comes back my job is to spray everything with alcohol or wash it with soap. Yikes! Is his a tad over the top? On the other hand, it’s not as if I don’t have enough time for this. 😉 Mercifully, the garden is full of lettuce, chard and peas, so I’m not giving bubble baths to greens.

  5. We had a lovely box of veggies at the front door when I went down to check at 5:45 this morning. Lettuce, radishes, kale. FarmFreshtoYou came through, bless their hard working selves.

  6. Miss everyone terribly but I’m recovering from my Pace Maker implant so dancing is not what I’ll be doing for a while, although I’d love
    to be doing that rather than sitting around at home. I got food in the fridge before the procedure so I got food. Walking Rocky is helpful. How is Marshall doing with his knee surgery. love, Sylvia S.

  7. Glad to hear you are doing OK Sylvia. We tried to call on Monday but just get this loud beep on your phone beep beep beep.
    You posted wonderfully correctly and thanks for doing it again I’m happy all went well

  8. Don and I still doing well. Thanks to Cheryl we found out Armstrong nursery had pick up service. So we picked out vegetable plants. Don prepared the bed and yesterday Ethan helped him plant. We are hoping for vegetables in the summertime

  9. So glad to hear you’re doing well, Sylvia. I guess there’s a bit of a silver lining to your not being able to dance; none of the rest of us can dance either, so you’re not missing out on anything. I hope your new spare part is working well for you and that you’ll be able to dance up a storm once we all get back together again.

    Stay sane, stay well, everyone. Breathe in, breathe out, repeat…………


    • Thanks Ellen, this is Sylvia. I should have gone on the web site way earlier than this. Heart seems to be working well. I can’t tell the difference. Miss everyone so much. Just me and Rocky here these days. Need to go out and walk him soon. Oh, want to remind every one to get ready to vote in November. And not for the idiot screwing us up currently in office. Shouldn’t do this political stuff. OH Well!
      Love, care for selves well.

  10. Hi Sylvia: Just read that you had a pacemaker implanted? Why did you have to have it done? I was diagnosed with Afib last September and my cardiologist recommended that I have a pacemaker implanted but I declined. It was supposed to be implanted inside the heart, not the type that goes under the skin on your upper chest, near the collar bone. I am on medication now and it seems to help regulate my heartbeats. What kind of pacemaker do you have? Would love to hear from you.

    • Hi Bin; I hope you are well. I’m sorry I haven’t been on this site for a long time. It’s so great to be able to talk to friends.
      Yes I had a pace maker implanted on March 27th at Kaiser in Baldwin Park. Just when the virus scare & news about it was ready to hit the air waves. I had the implant on suggestions more than once from Kaiser folks because my heart beat was so slow. I was at 30 beats per minute. I guess its supposed to be higher than that. It seems to be working well. I can’t tell the difference before or now.??? I’m sorry about the Afib but what is that??? I hear stuff on TV and radio all the time but don’t really know what its all about. Hope you get well soon. Hope we can all dance together soon!!! love, Sylvia Stachura

      • Hi Sylvia,
        Glad you are coping well with your new pacemaker. Is it the type that is implanted on your chest or in your heart? My doctor recommended that I get one implanted inside my heart last September because my heart rate was very low. I had never had that problem before. I had signed up for a surgery date but then later canceled it after a second thought. I was at that time taking different kinds of medications to combat the high blood pressure, Parkinson’s and Afib and I believed my low heart rate was due to my body reacting to all those medications. I asked my doctor if I could give it some time to see how the medications work. As time went by, my body got adjusted and I am much better now. The dizzy spells that I was getting the beginning of last year were gone, my blood pressure was reduced and my heart rate is now around 55-60. Afib stands for Atrial Fibrillation. It’s basically irregular and often fast heartbeats. With medication, the beats are regular now though it may come back. I am currently wearing another heart monitor device for 14 days to see how things are going. The pacemaker that my doctor was going to implant in me is the type that is very small. A little bigger than the big vitamin C caplet. It would be implanted in the atrium and it runs on a battery that would last about 12 years! That scared the daylight out of me! Well, hopefully, we have a lot in common to talk about when we see each other again!

  11. Hi, all,

    Doing ok here – sewing, fluting, reading, decluttering. Occasionally go out for a walk or drive – such a “science-fiction-y” feel to all this. Miss everyone and miss dancing.


  12. Hi, sounds like most posters are coping. I have been spending time playing piano duets with Pat on Facetime, reading a delightful book called Mozart’s Starling , knitting a scarf for my sister, walking Marshall’s dog with a long time friend, and fixing Marshall dinner Monday through Friday. Marshall had knee replacement March 11th, and is doing as well as can be expected.

  13. RICHARD MAZON: Long time Co-op dancer Richard Mazon is at Pomona Valley Hospital. He had internal bleeding. His disabled step son was able to tell me that they are not planning surgery and Richard is expected to be released, but they’re not sure when.

  14. UPDATE ON RICHARD: I got through to him on the room phone. He was eating solid food and sounded good.Expecting to go home today. 🙂 🙂

    • He was released from the hospital on Saturday, and Yael and other dancers from her Claremont Israeli dance group had been bringing him home cooked meals. But last night he was taken to Emergency and given a blood transfusion, and he has now been readmitted at Pomona Valley. I don’t have much more info than that, but you can contact me privately if you want updates.

      • I talked to him tonight and he was in good spirits. They’re making him comfortable. No word on diagnosis or treatment.

  15. Hi, Good to hear from everybody. I will admit I have been behaving like a 50-something; Getting groceries once a week, sometimes at the senior hours and getting take-out(keep the restaurants in business)! My kids in the Bay area want us to use grocery deliveries but lag time is a week! I have been using my polymer clay supplies, drawing, and cooking more than I want. Les is enthusiastic and thinks I am a good cook. Ha! I made bread pudding and other recipes to use up most ingredients I had squirreled away in the freezer, now leaner & organized (thanks Les- Now I have to re-stock). Most Santa Clarita stores are doing OK. A friend had us come and pick oranges & grapefruit at her ranch around the corner. I still have not found hand sanitizer, but we have soap & water, bleach, enough for now. Note: check Nacho bag for holes before dunking in dishwater. Toasting certainly revitalizes the chips and slows consumption, but annoys the husband.
    I have been following dance websites, but not dancing so much. Thinking about Statewide. I do worry about re-starting and attendance, but we may get more people who want live entertainment. In the meantime, we are walking, maybe to the beat of music in my head. Stay well. Recover!

    • Richard has been moved to the Claremont Care convalescent facility. He’s getting physical therapy and hoping to be able to dance again. I can provide more details privately.

  16. I just spoke with Richard on the phone. He’s still at the care facility and mentioned that there is a very small “grand” piano there. A friend is bringing him some of his music from home. How is it I never knew that he plays? Anyway, he asked me to say “hi” to everyone. I asked him if he’d like to send any additional message via the blog. His reply was, “Keep dancing.” So turn on YouTube and shake a leg, Friends.

    Virtual hugs all around,


  17. Good to hear your voices. It is just like the chat at break time. I see that in this year the chat has not started up. Can it be that you ae back at dancing an that the website isn’t updated? Nah. I am back from New Orleans, not forever, but it is certainly comfortable to be in LA again. I have been in touch with Jan B. and I’m sure she would welcome your calls. My scheduling conflict on Fridays is the Free Speech Corner 6:30-7:30 in Studio City. Take care, everyone. I hope we will join in a rousing Ma Navu sometime soon!

  18. Hi Shuli, Nice to hear from you. No, the co-op hasn’t started dancing again yet, but I think it should be happening within a few weeks. I still have you on the newsletter list–do you get them? What’s up with Jan B? Haven’t heard form her in a long time.

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